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One Family Under a Single Church

At GodsOverComer, we are all about connecting people with their faith and building healthy relationships with humanity. We are committed to giving and changing the lives of youth, college students, Christians, and new converts, for  the better.

Who We Are?

About GodsOverComer

GodsOverComer exists to empower and engage youth and Christians of all ages and backgrounds to transform their lives. We are proud to have a passionate team of hardworking and creative people who carry the light of faith in their hearts and are dedicated to serving the people of Atlanta, Georgia.


We are a spirit-filled local church that welcomes you to be a part of a community of people who are striving to find purpose in their lives.

We are on a mission

To connect Humanity with Divinity

What We DO

Our Core Areas

At GodsOverComer, we participate in a fulfilling and empowering experience of worship supported by community fellowship. Our core areas of practice are listed below:


Our Ministry focuses on creating, coordinating, implementing, and sponsoring various programs and activities that support and enhance your spiritual, social, and personal development, particularly for people between 18 and 45 years of age who have the most potential to transform their lives.


Active faith is more than just a belief. We need to demonstrate our faith in the way we live our lives. Through humanitarian efforts, we recognize the humanity in others, change the way people see things, help them find their true purpose in life, and transform the world, one human at a time.


You do not donate to the church – you donate through the church. Hundred percent of your donations will go to the funds you choose to provide much-needed relief for hunger, poverty, education, spiritual formation, and more. We understand that philanthropic efforts are the most effective when donors are free to choose their causes, which can help strengthen the entire community.


The sermons at GodsOverComer are designed to strengthen the faith of the believer and encourage them to practice their faith fully in this life, to encourage youth and college students to understand their purpose, and to recover believers whose faith has become weak. Our focus is to strengthen faith from within.

Outreach Programs

Our Outreach Programs are holistic, equality-based initiatives that embrace inclusiveness and focus on activities, programs, and services that support and enhance communities beyond the church. We empower communities and organizations to advance their missions and help everyone who needs it, even beyond the church.

Youth Ministry

GodsOverComer is focused on improving the lives and faith of today’s youth. We have partnered with Centennial Palace Academy and the YMCA to provide youth volunteer opportunities as well as organized and sponsored programs that support young people’s spiritual, educational, and personal development.

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Want to find out more about GodsOverComer? There is nothing better than visiting our church to get a feel of the place. We invite you to schedule a visit with your children, family, school, or community at any time. Whether you are just starting to explore your faith or trying to find your purpose, these events are for you.

Envents Here.

Why We Give

Ways to Give

Collective community efforts can have a huge impact. Every person can make a difference. At GodsOverComer, we are a community-focused group that believes in giving through the church, not to the church. Our members love giving because they can see their money is going to the cause they are passionate about.


You can donate online through our PayPal account, which ensures safe and quick transactions.


Every Sunday, our members can give from the comfort of their own seats at the end of the service.


You can donate via CashApp by using $TWCATL.


You are welcome to donate through Zelle as a reliable and convenient way to support your chosen organizations.

Our Gallery

Local Community Events

GodsOverComer is active in youth and community participation in the community of Atlanta, GA. We coordinate, organize, and sponsor social, educational, and community events and activities like hiking, singing, playing games, and exploring the beauty of nature that allow people to get together, laugh and learn together, and strengthen their beliefs.

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All Bible Notes are Available in PDF Format


GodsOverComer offers bible study notes in PDF formats that are designed to inform you about the faith in an easy and digestible way and will introduce you to all areas of churches that interest you. Find out who we are and what we believe in, and discover how you can become a part of our faith-based community.


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Donate Now

We believe in the power of giving. Even if a single person joins in and donates to a cause close to their heart, it can have a big impact on the community and beyond. We invite you to give as much as possible to help the hungry, poor, and needy in Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond so that we can truly create a world where people care about each other, no matter where they are from.


To find out more about us and our initiatives:

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